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Page 3Reference Guide on Doing Business in Japan
In this area we have assembled various articles that will be essential for doing business successfully in Japan. These articles range from general facts about the country of Japan, to essential tips on social and business interaction. If you’re new to Japanese culture, you may find many of the tips informative and helpful. We encourage you to review these articles and submit ideas for your own articles that we can add to The Japanese Business Guide.

Japanese Dress Code Guide
Here you can learn some Do’s and Don’ts for appropriate business clothing in Japan.

Japanese Business Meeting Etiquette Guide
New to Japanese culture? Having your first meeting? Read this to cover the basics.

Japanese Business Cards Translation & Exchange Guide
Japanese Business Cards extremely important, but so is the art of the business card exchange.

Japanese Social Interaction Guide
Often times in Japan, some of the biggest meetings take place outside of the office.

Japanese Document Translation Guide
Learn more about certain items which may be essential for Japanese Document Translation.

Japanese Facts Guide
This area covers many of the basic facts about the country of Japan.

Japanese Vocabulary Guide
You may not be fluent, but it's helpful to know some basic Japanese with this guide.

Sample / Example Photographs Guide
Photographs here can help explain subtle nuances in Japanese culture.

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